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'These stalwarts of the Scottish traditional music scene pull off their umpteenth album with panache'
The Scotsman, April 2013

' fresh as new mown hay...their live show was a revelation, their new album is a keeper'
Irish Music Magazine, May/June 2013

'...still at the cutting edge of modern Scottish folk music...technically flawless & fabulously entertaining'
Piping Today, Feb/March 2013

' album 'Room Enough for All' continues their commitment to giving the world some of the best music from their homeland'
San Diego Troubadour, USA, March 2013

'...another inspirational recording from the flagship Scottish band, which may well be counted as their finest hour in the studio'
Fatea, May 2013

'Battlefield Band never stand still'
Folking, April 2013

'...a world class musical tour de force… …I’ve never seen so many smiling faces'
Meander Valley View, Tasmania, April 2012

"What the internationally renowned Irish band, the Chieftains, have done for traditional Irish music, Battlefield Band are doing for the music of Scotland …"

"They knit the Scottish tradition into a sound that still sounds fresh, alert and relevant and belies their veteran status. No tricks, no gimmicks, just very fine music."

' of the great institutions of the Scottish music scene.... '
The Guardian

"… a bedrock of Scottish music for over three decades."

'...a wondrous perfectly paced display by musicians firmly in command of their art ...a Highland jam that rang the barn's rafters ...the band's chemistry at this point is uncanny... the best Battlefield Band in years'
The Washington Post

'....riveting: the howling pipes, ululating fiddle and crashing keyboards are darkly magnificent'

'...inspired fusion of ancient and modern Scottish traditional music...'

'Bringing Scottish folk music bang up to date, the Battlefield Band are always evolving'
Sunday Express

‘… there is always much to admire from a band that is forever evolving and, it has to be said, they do it with great style.’

‘one of Scotland’s great veteran bands'
BBC Music Review

'...Scotland's flagship folk band...'